"It's the Girl!" by Junior Drake is all about fun! Bright colors, bold shapes, and well-designed cosmetic bags, weekenders, handbags and accessories just for girls! We challenge you to shop smart, play hard and engage in the "It's the Girl!" lifestyle. The voices of your seven favorite girls: JD, Barcelona, Romeo, Mai, Pia, Aspen, and Dylan give you seven primary colors, seven personalities and seven points of view. It is our hope that our fashion forward prints, functional shapes, and affordable prices make "It's the Girl!" by Junior Drake irresistible. Fabulous, fresh, feminine, flirty, but still strong "It's the Girl!" urges you to be true to yourself and always, "Be bold, be you, be It's the Girl!"


What "Be bold, be you, be It's the Girl!" is all about: The brand slogan, "Be bold, be you, be It's the Girl!" is simply about having the courage to be yourself. To not waver in what you believe in or the things that are important to you. To express who you are through your personal style and to take risks with clothing and accessories! To not be afraid to tell the world something more about yourself. To always let your true self shine through and embrace the person you are! It's not about how much something costs or a designer label on the inside, it's how you wear it, how you own it, and how you make it unique to you. "Be bold, be you, be It's the Girl!" is self expression, self love, and the appreciation of being a GIRL!